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ISBN: 1602900132

ISBN-13: 9781602900134

Format: Paperback, 232pp

Publisher: OakTara Publishing Group LLC

Pub. Date: January 2008

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An unspeakable evil and an unbelievable power is about to be released into the world...

In the Tomb of Darkness and Light

If someone from the ancient world walked suddenly on the earth, what would they tell us about their times, and what changes would they observe in ours?  What if that person was revered as a goddess in the ancient world and evidenced a power beyond modern human understanding?  What if she were malevolent?


Fort Saint stands on a plateau between the salt deserts of the Chott Djerid and Chott Melrhir.  Four thousand years ago the chotts were filled–one salt and one fresh.  The fort coincidentally guards an ancient foundation where once stood a temple.  


The commander of Fort Saint, Lieutenant Paul Bolang discovered the foundation and unearthed Egyptian hieroglyphics on it.  His letter brought an archeological party to explore it.  And when the archeologists unearthed a tomb beneath, Paul was the only one who noticed a keen foreboding in the find.  Death followed the opening of the tomb and led Paul to uncover alone the existence of two other hidden tombs: the tombs of the Goddess of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.

Paul was present when the archeologists opened the tomb of the Goddess of Light and someone or something escaped.  Paul chased the being out onto the desert and captured a naked woman who spoke only ancient Egyptian.  

Paul struggled to communicate with woman who called herself Leora.  She claimed to come from the tomb, and she claimed to be the Goddess of Light—a claim she backed up with inexplicable powers.  Leora seemed benevolent, but she alerted Paul that her sister, Leila, the Goddess of Darkness wanted to also escape her tomb.  Leora warned that if Leila were released, she would visit only evil and suffering on mankind—that was her nature.

Now the archeologists have discovered the second tomb, the Tomb of the Goddess of Darkness, and they want to open it.    




Aegypt is only the beginning...Ancient Light

          Sister of Light (Contracted to OakTara)

          Sister of Darkness (Contracted to OakTara)

           The Shadow of Darkness

           The Shadow of Light

           Children of Light and Darkness


           Warrior of Light


           Warrior of Darkness                                                                  





Aegypt - Ancient World through the Eyes of the Egyptians

Where: West Wichita Shepherd's Center

             745 N. Westlink

             Wichita, KS  67212

             316 721-2208

When:  5 March to 9 April 2009

             Thursdays 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

What:   Session #1 - Aegypt - Novel, Characters, History, Politics - WSC

             Session #2 - Aegypt - Paganism and the Egyptian Pantheon - WSC

             Session #3 - Aegypt - Egyptian Life - WSC

             Session #4 - Aegypt - Hieroglyphics - WSC

             Session #5 - Aegypt - Tombs and Constructions - WSC

             Session #6 - Aegypt - Conclusion - WSC


Where: East Wichita Shepherd's Center

             4407 East Douglas

             Wichita, KS  67218

             316 682-0504

When:  9 September to 28 October 2008

             Tuesdays 10:15 to 11:15 a.m.

What:   Session #1 - Aegypt - Novel, Characters, History, Politics

              Session #2 - Aegypt - Tunisia and Egypt in 1926

              Session #3 - Aegypt - Paganism and the Egyptian Pantheon

              Session #4 - Aegypt - Egyptian Life

              Session #5 - Aegypt - Hieroglyphics

              Session #6 - Aegypt - Tombs and Temples

              Session #7 - Aegypt - French Foreign Legion

              Session #8 - Aegypt - Conclusion





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The finest escape in literature is an escape into a real and inviting culture—so asserts L. D. Alford a novelist who explores with originality those cultures and societies we think we already know.  He builds tales that make ancient people and times real to us.  His stories uniquely explore the connections between events close and familiar and events of the past—he cleaves them together with threads of reality that bring the past alive.  L. D. Alford is familiar with technology and cultures—he earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Dayton. He is a graduate of Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, and the US Air Force Test Pilot School.  He is widely traveled and has spent long periods in Europe and Central America.  His writing includes over 40 technical articles, three historical fiction novels, and three science fiction novels.  L. D. Alford is an author who combines intimate scientific and cultural knowledge into fiction worlds that breathe reality.




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  L.D. Alford is the author of 41 technical papers published in international journals on flight test, military policy, flight safety, space, and cyberwar.  Technical Writing
  L.D. Alford has been a professional aviator for over 30 years.  Aviation Writing

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